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Charles E. Begley, PhDCharles E. Begley, PhD
Co-Director, Center for Health Services Research
Director,  Houston Health Services Research Collaborative
School of Public Health
The University of Texas Health Science Center
1200 Herman-Pressler
Houston, Texas, USA 77030

Dr. Begley is Professor of Management, Policy, and Community Health at the UT School of Public Health, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston where he has taught since 1984.   He is Co-Director of the Center for Health Services Research, director of the Houston Health Services Research Collaborative, and an adjunct faculty member of economics at Rice University.  Prior to moving to Texas, Dr. Begley was a faculty member at the University of Illinois Springfield.  He has also taught at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  

Dr. Begley has authored or co-authored numerous scientific papers, book chapters, books, government reports, and other professional documents over the past 25 years.  He recently co-authored the 3rd edition of a widely used textbook on health service research with three colleagues at UTSPH. 

Dr. Begley teaches courses in health policy, health services research, and health economics.  He directs health services and policy research projects at the international, national, state, and local level serving as principal investigator and co-investigator on grants from government agencies and private foundations. His current research interests include disparities in health care and performance of healthcare safety net systems. 

Dr. Begley was appointed in 2009 as the North American representative on the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy Task Force.  The "Global Campaign against Epilepsy: Out of the Shadows" was launched in 1997 as a joint project of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Selected publications:

Burneo JG, Jette N, Theodore W, Begley C, Parko K, Thurman D, Wiebe S. (In Press). Disparities in epilepsy: Report of a systematic review by the North American Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy. Epilepsia. 

Begley CE, Annegers JF, Lairson DR, Reynolds TF, Hauser WA.  (1994).  Cost of epilepsy in the United States:  a model based on incidence and prognosis. Epilepsia 35(6):1230-1243.

Begley CE, Annegers JF, Lairson DR, Reynolds TF, Hauser A. (1995).  “The Lifetime Cost of Epilepsy in the U.S.: A Model Based on Incidence and Prognosis.” In Beran R and C. Pachlatko (eds.), Cost of Epilepsy: Proceedings of the 20th International Epilepsy Congress. Ciba-Biegy Verlag: Wehr/Baden, Germany, 17-26.

Begley CE, Annegers JF, Lairson DR, Reynolds TF. (1996). “Cost of Epilepsy in the United States of America: Establishment of the EFA Study.”  In Beran R and C Pachlatko (eds.), Economic Evaluation of Epilepsy Management.  John Libbey & Co: London, 27-35.

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Sirven JI, Begley CE. (2005). The cost of care in the treatment of epilepsy. Managed Care Consultant 4(3):11-20.

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Begley CE. (2007). Economics of Pediatric Epilepsy.  In Pellock, J.M.;Blaise F.D.; Bourgeois, Dodson E. (eds). Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy. Third Edition. New York, NY, Demos Medical Publishing, Inc.

Jacoby A, Wang W, Vu TD, Wu J, Snape D, Aydemir N, Parr J, Reis R, Begley C,  de Boer H, Prilipko L, Baker G. (2008). Meanings of epilepsy in its socio-cultural context and implications for stigma: Findings from ethnographic studies in local communities in China and Vietnam. Epilepsy & Behavior. 12:286-297.

Related MEW publications:

Begley  CE, Basu R, Reynolds T, Lairson DR, Dubinsky  S, Newmark M, Barnwell F, Hauser A, Hesdorffer D, Hernandez N, Karceski SC, Shih T. (2009). Sociodemographic disparities in epilepsy care: Results from the Houston/New York City healthcare use and outcomes study. Epilepsia. 50(5):1040-50. Epub 2008 Nov 17.
View  PubMed Abstract

Begley CE, Shegog R, Iyagba B, Chen V, Dubinsky S, Newmark M, Ojukwu N, Friedman D. (2010).Socioeconomic Status and Self-Management in Epilepsy: Comparison of Diverse Clinical Populations in Houston, TX. Epilepsy & Behavior, Volume 19(3): 232-238 .
View  PubMed Abstract

Begley C, Shegog R, Harding A, Goldsmith C, Omotola H, Newmark M. (2015). Longitudinal feasibility of MINDSET: A clinic decision aid for epilepsy self-management. Epilepsy & Behavior, 44, 143-50.
View  PubMed Abstract

DiIorio C, Bamps Y, Edwards AL, Escoffery C, Thompson NJ, Begley CE, Shegog R, Clark NM, Selwa L, Stoll S, Fraser RT, Ciechanowski P, Johnson EK, Kobau R, Price PH.(2010). The Prevention Research Centers' Managing Epilepsy Well Network.Epilepsy & Behavior, Volume 19(3): 218-224.
View PubMed Abstract

Lairson  DR, Begley CE, Basu R, Reynolds T. (2009). Concordance of Survey and Billing Data in a Study of Outpatient Healthcare Cost and Utilization among Epilepsy Patients. Epilepsy Research. 87(1):59-69. Epub 2009 Aug 25.
View  PubMed Abstract

Leaffer EB, Hesdorffer D, Begley C.(2014) Psychosocial and sociodemographic associates of felt stigma in epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior, 37:104-9.
doi: 10.1016/j.yebeh.2014.06.006
View  PubMed Abstract

Shegog R, Begley C, Harding A, Dubinsky S, Goldsmith C, Hope O, Newmark, M. (2103). Description and feasibility of MINDSET: A clinic decision aid for epilepsy self-management, Epilepsy & Behavior, Available online 24 October 2013.

Shegog R, Begley C.  (in press). MINDSET: A clinic-based Management INformation Decision Support Epilepsy Tool for adult patients and their providers. In Parvanta CF (ed.) Public Health Communication: New Strategies, Media & Tools.

Thompson NJ, Patel A, Begley C, Fraser R, Johnson E, Selwa L, Stoll S.(2014). Expanding the Efficacy of Project UPLIFT: Distance Delivery of Mindfulness-based Depression Prevention to People with Epilepsy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
View PubMed Abstract

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