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Evidence-Based Programs

People with epilepsy and healthcare providers can learn more about MEW programs and how to get involved:

HOBSCOTCH is a self-management, phone-based program for adults with epilepsy and memory problems.

PACES in Epilepsy
PACES is a in-person and phone-based program developed to improve self-management and related health outcomes in adults with epilepsy

PEARLS is a home-based program created to reduce depression and improve quality of life in adults with epilepsy.

Project UPLIFT
Project UPLIFT is a phone- and web-based program designed to prevent or reduce depression in people with epilepsy. 

WebEase is a web-based self-management program for adults with epilepsy.

Training for Mental Health Professionals

Training is available for mental health providers and social workers to implement these programs in their community:

PEARLS Training
In-person training program for mental health providers to deliver PEARLS in their community. PEARLS training takes place in Seattle, Washington.

Project UPLIFT Training
Distance training program for mental health providers to deliver Project UPLIFT in their community.



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