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PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives) is a highly effective, science-based program designed to reduce depression and improve quality of life in adults with epilepsy.

How does PEARLS work?

PEARLS is a team-based approach, involving

  • PEARLS counselors
  • Supervising psychiatrists
  • Medical providers

A mental health counselor provides 6 to 8 sessions that take place in a person with epilepsy’s home. The ”house call” method overcomes challenges in transportation that are common in adults with epilepsy. This way, PEARLS counselors have regular contact with their clients. This feature of PEARLS is based on knowledge that home-based treatment can reduce depression among older, chronically ill adults, or people who are disconnected from their community.

The PEARLS team regularly reviews each client’s case to talk about health problems, including other causes of depression. If needed, the supervising psychiatrist can also work with the client’s primary care provider to begin medication treatment for depression.

The PEARLS program helps participants by teaching them the following skills:

  • Finding solutions
    Participants will learn to recognize symptoms of depression, understand the link between unsolved problems and depression, and use proven strategies to help solve problems.
  • Becoming active
    Participants will develop a plan to engage in social activities that connect them with others and resources in communities that can improve quality of life and mood.
  • Planning pleasant things to do
    Participants will work with a PEARLS counselor to identify and participate in activities they find enjoyable, which can help manage their depression. 

I am a health or mental health care provider and I am interested in PEARLS for people with epilepsy. How do I start PEARLS in my community?

The PEARLS Program is designed to be part of community-based programs that deliver care and provide resources to clients. The PEARLS team conducts several on-site training sessions throughout the year in Seattle, Washington. The 2-day PEARLS Training is designed to equip all members of a PEARLS team – including both counselors and administrators – to implement the PEARLS Program successfully in their organization.

Licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors are eligible for professional credit.

Please check the PEARLS training  website for on-site and online sessions.

Contact PEARLS
PEARLS Program
4000 Mason Rd Suite #304
Seattle, WA 98195


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