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WebEase (Epilepsy, Awareness, Support, and Education) is a web-based self-management program for adults with epilepsy.

With WebEase, people with epilepsy set goals and create a plan to improve or maintain skills, including

  • Taking medications as prescribed.
  • Managing stress.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep.

People can use WebEase to watch videos of others who have dealt with similar issues. WebEase also includes MyLog, an online health diary that gives feedback about how their medication schedule, stress, and sleep may be related to their seizures.

Information for adults with epilepsy:

WebEase is free for anyone who is interested in improving the way they manage their epilepsy. You can use WebEase regardless of where you are in life, or how long you have lived with epilepsy.

Because WebEase adapts to your needs, you only work on the parts that matter to you.

Click on the button below to register. After you register you can start the program right away! Make sure that you remember to bookmark to log on to the program in the future.Keyboard

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Information for health professionals:

Provider support of self-management is a key component of effective chronic illness care. A patient is much more likely to participate in proven, free or low-cost, convenient programs with a recommendation from a healthcare professional like you.

People with epilepsy can benefit from learning skills and techniques that help them manage their disorder, its treatment, and its effects to live full and satisfying lives. Encourage your patients to participate in epilepsy self-management programs.

  • Learn more about WebEase at
  • Watch a demonstration webinar on WebEase.
  • Read and print a WebEase brochure for patients and health professionals.

“WebEase encourages you to make decisions that are consistent with your own goals. WebEase doesn’t replace instructions from your doctor, but helps you better follow those instructions and gain better control over managing your epilepsy.”

-Sandra Helmers, MD, MPH (1957-2016)
Previous lead-scientist for WebEase

Contact for WebEase

Cam Escoffery, MPH, PhD, CHES
Associate Professor
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education
Rollins School of Public Health
Emory University







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