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The MEW Network’s guiding principles for research  follow the “Living Well with Epilepsy II” 2003 conference recommendations and the CDC Epilepsy Program priority areas:

  • Enhance the behavioral and social science research of people living with epilepsy and self-management of epilepsy.
  • Facilitate the development and testing of self-management models that incorporate critical components for epilepsy.
  • Ensure that programs recognize the spectrum of epilepsy and tailor content appropriately to people with well-controlled, refractory, and new-onset seizures.
  • Promote self-management and self-determination principles and programs in the care and services for people with epilepsy.

Read more about MEW Network research activities:

Current Projects
See the Managing Epilepsy Well Network’s active self-management research.

Completed Projects
Learn more about completed Managing Epilepsy Well projects.

Scientific Publications
Search research publications supported by the Managing Epilepsy Well Network.

Scientific Presentations
Find MEW Network member presentations about self-management and MEW projects at professional meetings and conferences.

Instruments for Research
The MEW Network developed, modified, and tested several research instruments to measure self-management. Read more about these tools.

Members and Affiliate Members of the Managing Epilepsy Wellness Network collaborate to strengthen their shared interests. Read about current and past workgroup goals and find member contact information.

Go to for the full text of the conference proceedings.  Priority recommendations for the self-management section are listed on page 21.


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