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Morehouse School of Medicine: Adapting Evidence-Based Epilepsy Self-Management Programs for Blacks in Georgia

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SIP 14-007: Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW) Network Collaborating Center

Using a community-engaged approach, the purpose of this project is to adapt programs found to improve epilepsy self-management behaviors—such as reducing depression or improving medication adherence, sleep, and stress—for Blacks living with epilepsy. Specifically, this project seeks to 1) Assess, adapt and implement Project UPLIFT 2) Disseminate three MEW Network products (UPLIFT, WebEase , and a Self-Management Instrument, and 3) Promote the adoption and replication of culturally appropriate epilepsy self-management programs in underserved and rural communitites for use amoung Blacks with epilepsy in Georgia.


Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts

WebEase: Epilepsy Awareness, Support and Education




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