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Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth/ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Epilepsy Center: HOBSCOTCH: HOme Based Self-management and COgnitive Training CHanges lives

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SIP 12-057  Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW) Collaborating Center

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Home Based Self-management and Cognitive Training Changes Lives (HOBSCOTCH)


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This project consists of developing and testing a home-based self-management program, HOBSCOTCH (HOme Based Self-management and COgnitive Training CHanges lives) in the adult epilepsy population. HOBSCOTCH is an easy to implement, cost-effective intervention to treat memory complaints and subsequently quality of life in epilepsy patients, while minimizing the barriers of access to care.  Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Editor-in-Chief of, interviews Barbara Jobst, MD, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College of Medicine, about the HobScotch CDC Grant.

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The program teaches problem-solving strategies and compensatory mechanisms to help manage cognitive dysfunction. In addition, the effectiveness of an inexpensive commercially available working memory training program on cognitive symptoms will be assessed (BrainAge® , Nintendo, Inc. ). The primary outcome measured is improvement in quality of life including subjective memory perception. Secondary outcomes are objective memory function, executive and depressive symptoms as measured by validated scales. Ultimately, empowering the patient in the management of chronic disease and addressing the gap in treatment of comorbid symptoms such as cognition will improve reduce socioeconomic burden, and help provide better and more sustainable care to patients with epilepsy.


Related Publications

Caller TA, Secore KL, Ferguson RJ, Roth RM, Alexandre FP, Henegan PL, Harrington JJ, & Jobst JC. Design and feasibility of a memory intervention with focus on self-management for cognitive impairment in epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior 44 (2015): 192-194.
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Caller TA, Secore KL, Ferguson RJ, Roth RM, Secore KL, Alexandre FP, Zhao W, Tosteson T,Henegan PL, Birney K & Jobst JC.(in press). A cognitive-behavioral intervention (HOBSCOTCH) improves quality of life and attention in epilepsy: a pilot study.  Epilepsy & Behavior

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