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Completed Projects

Program development and testing| Needs assessment studies

Past MEW Network activities include the completion of program development and testing.


FOCUS on Epilepsy

FOCUS on Epilepsy is an in-person program for adults with refractory epilepsy and for people who provide support for them:

Enhancing self regulation and social support in adults with refractory epilepsy (a pilot study of FOCUS on Epilepsy) (2010-2011)

Testing FOCUS on Epilepsy: A randomized controlled trial (2012-2014)



HOBSCOTCH is a self-management, phone-based program for adults with epilepsy and memory problems:

Developing HOBSCOTCH (Home Based Self-management and Cognitive Training Changes Lives) (2012-2014)



The Management Information Decision Support Epilepsy Tool (MINDSET) is a tablet-based clinical aid for both the patient and health-care provider (HCP) to improve communication about self-management:

Developing and testing of a decision-support for the clinical management of epilepsy (MINDSET) (2009-2014)



The Program for Active Consumer Engagement in Self-Management (PACES) is a in-person and phone-based program developed to improve self-management and related health outcomes in adults with epilepsy: 

Developing and testing a program for active consumer engagement in self-management (PACES) (2010-2012)

Adapting of PACES for rural communities (2012-2014)



PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives) is a highly effective, home-based program designed to reduce depression and improve quality of life in adults with epilepsy:

Adpating thePEARLS program for adults with Epilepsy (2005-2007)


Project UPLIFT

Project UPLIFT (Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts) is a phone- and web-based program designed to prevent or reduce depression in people with epilepsy: 

Evaluating the effectiveness of epilepsy self-management programs: Using distance technology for treating depression in people with epilepsy (Project UPLIFT) (2005-2007)

Preventing depression in people with epilepsy: An extension of Project UPLIFT (2009-2011)



TIME is an in-person self-management program for adults with epilepsy who also suffers from a major mental illness:

Developing a targeted self-management program for epilepsy and mental illness (TIME) (2012-2014)



WebEase (Epilepsy, Awareness, Support, and Education) is a web-based self-management program for adults with epilepsy that focuses on medication, stress and sleep:

Evaluating the effectiveness of an online epilepsy self-management program:   WebEase (Epilepsy Awareness, Support and Education) (2008-2010)


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