Epilepsy self-management is a


Managing a condition like epilepsy can be complex and frustrating. Seizures can make it hard to work, go to school, drive, and take part in social activities. Sometimes epilepsy treatment makes these activities harder, too. Self-management skills can help people take control of their health and cope with their day-to-day challenges.

Self-management does not mean that people manage their health alone. Self-management requires an active partnership between a person with epilepsy, their family or friends, and their health care provider.  Each one plays an important role in epilepsy self-management.

Epilepsy self-management encompasses three broad areas:

  • Treatment Management. Medication schedules, keeping clinic appointments, and communicating with health care professionals.

  • Seizure Management. Recognizing and avoiding seizure triggers whenever possible and keeping track of seizures.

  • Lifestyle Management. Getting adequate sleep, reducing stress, and maintaining social support networks.


Self-management is what you do to take care of yourself.

You can learn how to manage your epilepsy and have an active and full life. Download our self-management handout to identify ways to better control your seizures and your health.

Mew Network Programs

As with any chronic condition, many people with epilepsy can benefit from learning skills to help them better manage their epilepsy and its effects on daily life. MEW Network Self-Management programs help people to develop these skills. MEW Network programs can help with:

  • Mental Health

  • Memory Problems

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Managing Epilepsy Care

  • Health & Well-being

Visit our Programs page to learn more.


Self-Management Tips From the Epilepsy Foundation:

To learn more about epilepsy, visit epilepsy.com.


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