Youth Epilepsy & Successful Self-Management

An Epilepsy Program for Youth

This program is under evaluation. A research study is currently being conducted to determine if it is effective.



Program Snapshot


Key Components

  • Video, audio and text material to engage users in scenario based learning.

  • Self-directed navigation to content of interest

    • No required ‘learning modules’

  • Content delivered by the people that teens want to hear from

    • Medical information from medical staff, social information and connections with slightly older peer mentors

  • Opportunities to contribute

  • Forum-style posting

  • Module-type learning focused on practicing and fostering self-management in user-driven situations


Program Description

Because growing up with epilepsy can be a challenge, the YESS! program brings together youth, families, and community organizations to uncover the best ways to motivate and prepare adolescents to manage their epilepsy while at school, work, home, and when out with friends. The YESS! online intervention addresses common teen issues like developing a sense of identity and interpersonal connections, becoming responsible for planning ahead and making decisions, while teaching epilepsy self-management skills that will be critical throughout their lives. YESS! is currently being tested to make sure it’s helpful to the youth and families who need it most.

  • Fosters self-management motivation and behaviors through an online platform that combines psycho-educational and social elements. Its available when and where teens want to use it.

  • Recognizes that self-management is part of everyday life. YESS! addresses situations that are important to teens including dealing with epilepsy at school, with friends & family, worries and moods, taking medications, tracking seizures and getting the most from their healthcare providers.

  • YESS! applies strategies and theory that emphasize adolescence as a sensitive period of personal development where lifelong health and health behavior trajectories are established. 

  • Uses validated measures used to screen for participant eligibility, monitor and evaluate the impact of YESS!

YESS! is not a crisis intervention and is not a substitute for appropriate epilepsy care.


Teens ages 13-19 with epilepsy who are able to read and answer questions independently.

Appropriate for those with both controlled and uncontrolled seizures.


Delivered by a peer mentor

Who Can be a Peer Mentor?

  • Older youth with epilepsy (ages 19-24)

  • These are young adults who “get it”

  • Peer mentors trained as a cohort before YESS! sessions

Resource Requirements

  • Internet access

  • Device for accessing the site (phone, tablet or computer)


Program Availability

To help youth achieve effective self-management, YESS! has:

  •  reviewed all epilepsy related self-management interventions for youth.

  • heard from youth and parents through interviews, focus groups and surveys.

We are finalizing our program for teens and will be testing it starting summer 2018.

Please consider joining us. Learn more about our youth advisory group or become a peer mentor.


Program Contact

To learn more about becoming a program adopter or if you wish to participate in the YESS! program contact: