HOme-Based Self-management and COgnitive Training CHanges lives

A memory program for people with epilepsy.

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Overcome your memory problems and improve your quality of life.



Adopt HOBSCOTCH and expand your epilepsy services.

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Program Snapshot


Key Components

  • Education to teach basics of memory function, normal memory problems and factors related to seizure-related cognitive problems.

  • Self-awareness training emphasizing awareness of the multiple influences that affect memory and attention.

  • Memory strategies, or compensatory strategies, that improve how memory works in daily life.

  • Problem Solving Therapy (PST) to provide the participant with skills to systematically work through memory related difficulties and other problems faced.


Program Description

HOBSCOTCH is a behavioral program designed to address memory and attention problems in adults with epilepsy. The program is designed to help adults with seizures find ways to manage and cope with memory problems in order to lead happier, more productive lives.

The program consists of 8 sessions delivered by a certified HOBSCOTCH Memory Coach. The sessions occur weekly and last 45-60 minutes. The first session is conducted either in-person, in a private office setting, or virtually while the participant is at home using a computer or tablet and a webcam. It is up to the Memory Coach and participant to decide if an in-person or virtual approach is more appropriate. 

  • Session 1: In-person or Virtually

  • Session 2-7: Phone

  • Session 8: Phone, In-person, or Virtually

HOBSCOTCH has been shown to be effective for adults with epilepsy who are experiencing memory problems. The program is appropriate for those with controlled and uncontrolled seizures.



8 one-on-one sessions delivered over 8 weeks
(primarily telephone with at least 1 in-person or virtual session)


Adults with epilepsy
(includes those with both controlled and uncontrolled seizures)


Delivered by certified HOBSCOTCH Memory Coaches

Resource Requirements

  • Transportation for two in-person sessions or stable internet access and webcam for two virtual sessions.

  • Reliable telephone access and reception for HOBSCOTCH calls. Approximately 45-60 minutes needed per week.


Program Contact

To learn more about becoming a program adopter or if you wish to participate in the HOBSCOTCH program contact:

Samantha Schmidt
(603) 650-8165 

“The sessions were outstanding. This [program] improved my memory… I am learning to be more patient and move through my day with smaller and more organized paces.”

- HOBSCOTCH Participant, March 2016