Overview of Programs

MEW Network self-management programs undergo a long process before becoming available to the public. They are carefully developed with input from people with epilepsy, doctors, nurses, and other experts on epilepsy, and are tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality, and have solid scientific evidence showing that they are effective in improving the health and well-being of people with epilepsy. It can take several years for a program to move from development, to evaluation, and finally to being evidence-based.



Programs in Development

These programs are in the process of being transformed from a great idea to tangible programs. This is the stage where a program is designed, a curriculum is developed, and materials are created for both facilitators and participants. This process typically involves input from researchers, health care professionals, and people with epilepsy and their loved ones. 

Programs Under Evaluation

After a program is developed, it must be tested to see if it works.  The MEW Network insists that programs undergo rigorous, high quality, scientific testing. This means that clinical trials must be performed for each new program. If a program is being tested in your area, you may have the opportunity to participate as a research subject.

Evidence-Based Programs

These programs have gone through multiple study phases, and research results show that they are effective. A program is only considered ‘evidence-based’ if statistically significant changes have been shown through various study measures. Just because a program is labeled evidence-based, doesn’t meant that all research has stopped. There is always a need for more research—sometimes with new populations, or because changes have been made to the program.  However, these program are available to be used more broadly, outside of research. It is the goal of the MEW Network to improve epilepsy self-management by making these programs available to as many people as possible.



Evidence-Based Programs

HOme-Based Self-management and COgnitive Training CHanges lives
A memory program for people with epilepsy.

Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-management in epilepsy
Increasing the medical, psychosocial, and community adjustment of adults with active seizure conditions.

Creating active, rewarding lives for seniors and adults with epilepsy.

Project UPLIFT
Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts
Empowering people with epilepsy to manage and improve their mental health and quality of life.

Targeted self-management for Epilepsy and Mental Illness
Improving both epilepsy and mental health outcomes among individuals with epilepsy and comorbidity.

Self-Management for people with epilepsy and a history of negative health events


Programs Under Evaluation

Personalized internet Assisted Underserved Self-management of Epilepsy

Self-management epilepsy decision support for adult people with epilepsy and their providers

Project UPLIFT (español)
Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts
Empowering people with epilepsy to manage and improve their mental health and quality of life.

Youth Epilepsy and Successful Self-management
Helping adolescents and young adults develop intrinsic motivation and self-management skills.

Programs in Development*

* All current MEW programs have moved from in development to under evaluation or evidence-based.