Personalized Internet Assisted Underserved Self-management of Epilepsy

A program to learn more about your epilepsy

This program is under evaluation. A research study is currently being conducted to determine if it is effective.



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Program Snapshot


Key Components

  • Tablet-based personalized education program to improve patient’s epilepsy self-management skills and behaviors.

  • Helps people with epilepsy identify and achieve self-management goals to improve health and quality of life.

  • Access to personalized education program, with modules selected based on shared input by provider and patient.

  • One-on-one guidance with a PAUSE education facilitator.


Program Description

In partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation, PAUSE (Personalized Internet Assisted Underserved Self-Management of Epilepsy) will provide patients with refractory epilepsy free access to a computer tablet and Internet service to test the combination of epilepsy educational information based on content with real-time (web-based) video conferencing with a health educator. Based on patient needs identified during a clinic visit, a healthcare provider will assign personalized educational content for the patient and/or a caregiver that can be reviewed at a customizable pace and with guidance from a trained nurse or health educator via web conferencing.


Self-directed, web-based program paired with a nurse of health educator.

  • Approximately 1.5 hour session when you sign up.

  • One session per week over 8-12 weeks. In each session you will talk with an educator by online video conference.


Adults with refractory epilepsy.


Program Contact

To learn more about this program or if you are interested in participating in a the research study, contact:

Dr. Dilip Pandey

Jessica Levy

(312) 413-1882



Available in Illinois as part of an ongoing research study.