Ross Shegog, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Texas,
School of Public Health

The University of Texas-Houston School of Public Health
Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
7000 Fannin, Suite 2668
Houston, TX, 77030
PH: 713-500-9677

Ross Shegog, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas School of Public Health and adjunct professor with the University Of Texas School Of Biomedical Informatics. His research focuses on the application of communication technology in health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management to find creative solutions to the challenges of optimally impacting health behavior. His recent projects have focused on the application of computer-based education, decision-support systems, and gaming in the health domains of pediatric asthma management, tobacco smoking cessation and prevention, HIV/STI/pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, physical activity, and epilepsy self-management. Dr. Shegog received his doctorate in Behavioral Sciences, master’s in public health, and post-graduate diploma in Biomedical Communications from the University of Texas and a post-graduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Sydney.